Couples Counselling


Relationships are fundamental to being human.  Our relationships may be loving, stable, satisfying and respectful or problematic, stressful, distressing and possibly even damaging.

All of us have the capacity to learn new ways of relating at any age!  It is absolutely possible to acquire knowledge, develop awareness and learn new skills about relationships.  This learning can result in kinder, more respectful and wholesome relationships in which both people are thriving.

Many people seek out counselling when their intimate relationship encounters problems.  They can feel overwhelmed with the perceived differences and “hurts” that have arisen between them that seem impossible to move beyond.  In counselling, many couples can be assisted to work through such challenges making their relationship even stronger.

Not every relationship is meant to last forever.  It is not a failure to end a relationship that no longer serves the individuals within it.  Some couples can and do spend time in counselling, coming to terms with the ending of their relationship in a safe and respectful way.  Whilst still painful, it is possible to end a relationship well.