Anxiety and Depression


In Australia, around 1 million people will experience depression and over 2 million will experience anxiety in any year. You are not alone. Out of a population of approximately 40 million people, it is estimated that 45% of adults will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

Both anxiety and depression can affect our work, relationships, self-confidence, esteem and well being profoundly. In spite of the growing amount of high quality reliable information available on reputable web sites, there is still a lack of knowledge in the public sphere. Families, partners, workmates, friends, intending to help, can still be known to advise “you have no reason to feel down or worried” and you should just be “happy or just pull yourself together”. Such advice is not effective in addressing these conditions and can actually make you feel worse.

The good news is there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the most effective treatment is counselling and therapy that includes mindfulness and other focused psychological strategies sometimes in combination with medication from your GP. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression you deserve and require sensitive, well-informed, skillful support. I have worked with many adults who have gone on to manage their symptoms effectively and to live a bigger life not limited by anxiety and depression. Please contact me to arrange a counselling session.